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What's Up M-Town!!! "It's FYI Friday"

Schedule for 6/6-6/12

  • Saturday Slaughter 6/6 @ 9 a.m.

  • Monday-Friday 5:30 and 8 a.m. and 4:00 and 5:15 p.m.


New Members

M-Town would like to welcome Rachel Hayworth and Mathew Huston! We are blessed to have you two part of our M-town Community. We can't wait and are excited to walk side you in your new CrossFit journey. Welcome to our Dysfunctional Family!!!

Returning Members

M-Town would like to welcome back Jackie Tobar back to the box. Jackie has been recovering from knee surgery since February. It's great to have your enthusiastic personalty and smiling face back at them Box. We missed You!



Happy Fitaversary to John McEachern and Jorge Tobar! John is celebrating 3 years and J.T. is celebrating 4 years this month of being part of our Dysfunctional Family. M-Town would not be what it is today without you guys. Thank You for being Awesome!



Happy Birthday to Scott Westfall who will be celebrating a Birthday June 7th. Happy Birthday Scott


Coaches Thoughts

  • Well M-Town FAM, summer is here and we are starting it out with a BANG. We acquired 11 new members last month in May!!! This is awesome and a great testimony on the culture you all have helped create to make people feel welcome and want to either come back or join our Dysfunctional Family. Thank You and let's keep growing and helping other's get Better.

  • Congrats to all who completed MURPH on Memorial Day. We had several 1st timers and several PR's. Thank you all who came out to honor those who have paid and who are still paying the ultimate sacrifice for our FREEDOM.

  • M-Town we are living in some crazy and unjust times right now. My stand on all of this is yes Black Lives Do Matter and so does everyone else's. No one is more important than the other, but we have to remember not everyone's life is the same. Yes we are all on this journey called Life together but we are all not on the same boat. Some our boat are bright and vibrant and some are dull, and rusty. Some of us get to take a Yacht, or a Cabin Cruiser to our final destination. Some might be on nice Pontoon, or a fast Jet ski. Some might even be taking our sweet time on a trusty old John Boat, but we all don't get to take Luxurious Cruise Ships. Life is kind of be like a boat sometimes. Boats and Life can be really nice and full functioning one minute then stranded in the middle of no where the next with no land in sight. My point is no matter what kind of boat you are on. If you see another boat in rough weather taking on water, Throw them a life raft or offer tow them back to shore. You never know when your boat might be sinking and need help. It's hard to look outside our own boat/life sometimes where the weather and water is calm, to see just on up a head there are other boats stranded in a huge storm. In these trying times we need to listen and take care and watch out for each other. M-Town with that being said I want you all to know no matter what I GOT YOUR BACK!!! I really do believe we are #STRONGERTOGETHER and we can all make it through this journey if we work together.

#MTOWNUP and see you at the BOX!!!

Coach AV

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