• Adam Viquesney

What's Up M-Town!!! "It's FYI Friday"

Schedule 7/25-7/31:

  • Saturday 7/25 Slaughter 9 a.m.

  • Monday-Friday Regular Class Times

  • M-W-F Master's Class 9 a.m.


New Members:

M-Town would like to welcome Zusan Jerez to our dysfunctional family We are excited to have you part of our awesome community and can't wait to walk along side you in your CrossFit journey.

Welcome Back:

M-Town wants to welcomes back Richard Franco! We are excited to have you back in the BOX!



M-Town would like to wish John McEachern a Happy Birthday on 7/31!!! Be sure to wish John Happy Birthday this week when you see him at the BOX!!!


Coaches Thoughts:

Hey M-Town!!! I am really excited and proud of the energy in the box. The on-line presence of your social media about your progress and the M-Town support. You all are getting your WOD's in on vacation and posting it. Last but not least all the participation in the "SEXY BACK" challenge. You all are putting in the extra work outside the Box and pushing each other. You all make me Love what I do.

THANK YOU and keep it up!!! We are going to finish 2020 way better than we started!!!


See Ya at the BOX


Coach AV

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