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What's Up M-Town!!! "It's FYI Friday"

Schedule: 8/22-8/28

Sautrday 8/22 (Slaughter) Cheru Challenge @ 9 a.m.

M-F Regular Class Schedule

M-W-F Master's Class @ 9:30 a.m.


Coaches Thoughts:

Be sure to join us Saturday, August 22 (9 a.m.) World Water Day, our M-Town community has the potential to go beyond just reps and fitness. Our workout has the potential to save lives! M-Town CrossFit will be joining thousands of others across the country as we come together to participate in "The Cheru Challenge" to use our functional fitness to provide clean water for thousands of kids all over the world!

What is The Cheru Challenge? The Cheru Challenge is an event hosted at over 50 locations across the United States. At the Cheru Challenge participants will take on the "Cheru" workout to raise funds and awareness for the 748 million children across the globe that do not have access to clean water.

Who is Cheru? The workout name "Cheru" is in honor of 5-year-old Cheru that walked an average of 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) to the nearest water source, a cattle pond, to bring back bacteria-infested water to her family. Because of the work of World Vision and funds raised by people like you through events like The Cheru Challenge, Cheru's village now has a clean water source right in their community and Cheru no longer has to make those long, treacherous walks.

What does the "Cheru" workout entail? Because kids like Cheru have to oftentimes travel an average of 6k while carrying heavy jerrycans along the way, the "Cheru" workout will incorporate these same elements and distances. While this workout is not going to be easy, it is scalable for any fitness level.

“Cheru" (can be done individual or partner)

8 Rounds for Time

•600m run •19 jerrycan** Squats •35 sit-ups •35 jerrycan swings

***If done as a partner workout partner A will run, while partner B completes the squats, sit-ups, and swings. Then the partners will switch. Each person will end up doing 4 rounds each.

***Jerrycans completely full are comparable to a 44 # kettlebell, half-full are comparable to a 26 # kettlebell. Therefore, kettlebells can be substituted for jerrycans.

This event is open to members and nonmembers. TOGETHER we have the potential to provide clean, safe drinking water to thousands of kids throughout the globe. Let’s go and let’s end the water crisis, together!

How Do I Sign-Up to be participate and or donate? Register at the box or online at:

We are so excited to be part of this wonderful opportunity to team up with Team World Vision and help make a difference!


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