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What's Up M-Town!!! "It's FYI FRIDAY"

Schedule 12/12-12/18:

Saturday 12/12 NO SLAUGHTER (Class Cancelled)

Sunday 12/13 Gift Of Fitness (12 days of X-MAS WOD) @3 p.m.

Monday-Thursday Regular Class Schedule

Friday 12/18 NO 5:15 p.m. Class

M-W-F Master's Class 9:15 a.m.

Friday 12/18 M-Town Christmas Party 6:30 p.m.


What's Happening at the BOX?

12/13 Gift of Fitness 3 p.m. "Give a Gift, get to Lift. This is an event for ANYBODY and everybody. M-Town does this event every year as an Annual TOY DRIVE to make sure local kids have something to open for Christmas. We will be doing the infamous 12 Days of Christmas WOD and we will have versions for fitness levels. We are even going to kick off with a kids version. This event is perfect opportunity to do some fitness and to give back.

12/18 M-Town Christmas Party 6:30 p.m.(at the box) "A Christmas Story" themed Party!!! You won't want to miss this. Dress up as you favorite character from the movie, bring a dish to share and don't forget the white elephant give for our gift exchange. Gift has to be something you already have (you can't go buy it) and its not supposed to be worth more than $20. This party is always EPIC and something you don't want to miss!!!


Coaches Thoughts:

ATTENTION M-TOWN!!! We have adopted a family for Christmas. We have a Single Mother who is in nursing School trying to make a better life for her an her 6 year old son. You will see the small Christmas tree in the front with pieces of paper with Christmas gift wishes and needs. Please take 1 and have the gift back to the box by Monday 12/21. We try to do this every year that we can because this is something near and dear to my heart. As a a kid I was on the receiving end of things like this. When I was young I didn't know any better and thought that Santa was real and it didn't matter how poor we were or where I woke up on Christmas. At Christmas these things didn't matter and it gave me HOPE as a kid. The reason I love Christmas so much because growing up it was the one time of year where I could wish and dream and had Hope that anything was possible. Not saying I always got what I asked for but I did always get something and that was enough to give me HOPE every year as a kid at Christmas. This was all possible because of the generous Santa's out in the world who adopted a family, donated a toy, stopped at an angel tree or gave to a local church or food pantry. Looking back I am so grateful for those people and organization's. I promised myself I would be one of those people one Day when I could and I also would give back and give HOPE when I could. Those day's are here now and the Lord has blessed me and giving me a platform use to give back. So this is why I choose to do this and what it means to me!!!

Want to give a shout out to Patty Jo and Paul List for bringing me an early Christmas present and heat source for our middle room! I am not a man of many nice words but THANK YOU so much and I appreciate the gift and everything you both add to our awesome M-Town Family! We will now be able to access the entire BOX during the winter which will make this place feel and seem a lot bigger.

So I know M-Town opening date was 1/1/16 but what you may not know is that M-Town CrossFit actually became a licensed and insured CrossFit Affiliate on 12/8/15. Research shows that CrossFit Affiliates that fail or close down it's usually/statistically happens in the first 5 years. Well we may not be a fortune 500 company, have the best equipment or building. Our M-Town community may never send an athlete to the games or be the Fittest but we DO have the BEST COMMUNITY and FAMILY and we made it past the 5 year mark!!!! This may not mean much to you but this definitely does to me. I could not of done this without my AWESOME, supportive, loving and very very patient wife Kim Viquesney. My easy going, go with the flow kids who practically live at the BOX Kane and Kemper. Last but not least my Ride or Die peeps who eat and breathe M-Town CrossFit. Thank you all and Congratulations to you as well. This accomplishment would never of happened without all of YOU!!!


Coach AV


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