• Adam Viquesney

What's Up M-Town!!! "It's FYI FRIDAY"


Saturday 12/19 Slaughter @ 9 a.m.

Monday-Wednesday Regular Class Schedule

Thursday 12/24 Christmas Eve CLOSED

Friday 12/25 Christmas Day CLOSED

Saturday 12/26 Slaughter @ 9 a.m.



M-Town would like to wish Becky Pearman 12/19, Sarah Gray 12/23, Casey Klein 12/25, Zusan Jerez 12/25, Jesus Christ 12/25 and Richard Franco Jr 12/31 a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Be sure to show them some M-Town love when you see them in the Box and wish them a Happy Birthday and make sure they get those B-day Burpees in!!!!!


Coaches Thoughts:

This Coach is feeling very blessed and thankful for the awesome CrossFit Community God has surrounded him with. We had an awesome turn out for our Gift of Fitness event and were able to deliver lot's of toys to underprivileged kids. Presents keep coming in and piling up for the family we adopted as well. 2020 was not the year I thought it was going to be but looking back it was a struggle at times. 2020 might not have gone as I hoped or planned but a lot good did come out of 2020. M-Town not only grew but it grew during a time where evil was trying to tear it down from the inside as well as the outside. It survived and grew during a pandemic that will go down in history books. Not only did we grow in numbers but our STRENGTH as a Community/Family grew as well. Thank you all who #MTOWNUP (ed) when adversity was breathing down your neck and made this place BETTER PERIOD!!!!

I also want to wish all my M-Town Peeps a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Also January 1st 2021 M-Town CrossFit will officially been Open for 5 years. To me this is a Milestone for M-Town CrossFit and I am very proud of what it is and has become!!!

See Ya at the BOX

Coach AV


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