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What's Up M-Town!!! "It's FYI FRIDAY"

Schedule 1/16-1/22:

Saturday 1/16 Slaughter @ 9 a.m.

Monday 1/8 Strong Women's Group @ 6:15 p.m.

M-F Regular Class Schedule

M-W-F Master's Class @ 9:15 a.m.



Happy 1 year Fitaversary to Paul List, Scott Westfall and Robert Harris!!! Congratulations on all you progress and successes over the last year. We are blessed to have to have you part of our community and thankful for all you do to make M-Town Awesome!


New Members/Returning Members

M-Town would like to welcome Doug Crouch, Diana Crouch, Donnie Roy Slusher, Aaron Kleinschmidt and Tobias Barnes to our Dysfunctional Family. We are excited to walk along side you in your CrossFit journey!!! Welcome and we are BLESSED to have you!

Welcome back Clayton Hazelrigg!!! It's nice to have you bubbling personality back at the BOX!


Coaches Thoughts

I want to give a big shout out to my M-Town family for sticking with me and getting M-Town through one of the toughest years yet. Not only were we able to survive a pandemic year but we were even able to grow and become a stronger community!

Thank you to all who pitched in to surprise me with the "Hard Work Pays Off" Rogue bar! Story behind this is Kim and I attended the 2017 CrossFit Games in Maddison Wisconsin. We had been an Affiliate for about 1 1/2 years so far and were loving it. We were able to talk to other Affiliate owners and share our struggles and successes. It was here where I learned that most Boxes that fail, close before the 5 year mark. So you can imagine what thoughts went through my head after hearing that and other stories about Boxes failing. So during our visit we of coarse made our way through vendor village and when we went into the ROUGE tent. It was here where we came across some custom barbells that were made for some of the Games Athletes. That's where I saw the Red "Hard Work Pays Off" Matt Fraser bar. I am not even a big fan of Fraser (I like the Champ Rich Froning) but the "Hard Work Pays Off" spoke to me. I told Kim that if we make it to the 5 year mark of being an Affiliate I was going to buy that bar to celebrate this accomplishment.

Well with a lot of struggling, praying and God surrounded M-Town with a great community and the Hard Work from all of our Dysfunctional Family we achieved that 5 year milestone Jan 1st 2021. After a Global Pandemic money and membership numbers are still not where I felt that spending a bunch of money on 1 barbell was a good idea. Not to worry because even though I may think you all don't pay a lick of attention to 3/4 of the things I say, turns out you do and someone did listen and remembered that story. Not going to lie. I know I didn't cry when you surprised me with the card but I have to say I am getting a little choked up right now writing this. Thank You M-Town and "Hard Work Does Pay Off"


Coach A.V.


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