Is CrossFit For Me?

Again, CrossFit is for EVERYONE!  Let's just go ahead and put those excuses to rest - we can help you with that!


It's too expensive.  Our monthly fee is $75 month. If you take advantage of 3 classes per week that breaks down to $6.25/class. Come in 4 times and that drops to $4.69. For that you get unlimited access to our comprehensive weekly class schedule. That is a competitive rate for larger group training classes. You will pay upwards of $35 per session for personal training anywhere else.


It's too hard.   CrossFit is infinitely scalable — meaning any movement or prescribed weight that we do can be broken down to accommodate your current fitness and strength level.  The intensity piece is also scalable. You'll spend your first month or two getting familiar with your level of intensity — your edge. CrossFit is a great workout even if you take the time component out.  It is there for a reason, that is where the magic happens. But in the beginning, we encourage you to take your time dialing in.   


I'm scared.   Don't be!  It's scary to enter the unknown no matter what you do. Yes, you will probably be sore at first. That is not CrossFit's fault — you will be sore when you start or change your workout regime no matter what it is. Our Introduction to CrossFit program takes you in at a slower pace, helping you build strength and endurance at a manageable pace. 


Stuck - bored with routine.   Constantly varied high-intensity, functional movement is hands down the way to get in the best physical shape of your life!  CrossFit will change your life!